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Appointment Scheduler

We custom design internet based appointment schedules for your practice and your group at very affordable price. Your patients can make their appointments online as well as reschedule, or change their appointments. Your staff can override, cancel, reschedule, or make appointments online. You can check your schedule from your house or hospital. In case of an emergency, your manager can cancel and reschedule all the appointments for that day from her home or office. In certain high volume practices, you can save one FTE (full time equivalent) employee. Click here and fill up the form.

The eMed appointment scheduler will return your investment within the first couple of months.




    Basic Features Include:

  • Patients can schedule from home or the staff can schedule from anywhere. This relieves the phone traffic in front office and cuts down payroll .
  • Improves you practice image by having an efficient way for patients to schedule a visit without calling.